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Full Version: My Eyes Wide
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i'm still nowhere with the songs i'm writting now so i guess i'll post an older one. i wrote this last year and this was actually the first song i ever wrote. i did it with a couple other friends. i brought the lyrics and the melody, they brought the guitar and base, and we just jammed to it till we had something that worked.

My Eyes Wide

Verse 1
I've waded through the waters,
I've crossed this world a thousand times,
And never found someone like you-
You walked on all the oceans,
You flew over as I ran by,
And like a star you fell from the sky,

I caught you in my arms,
And gazed into your eyes,
And knew somehow everything would be alright,
A tear glides down my face,
Something seems out of place,
I feel myself being pulled back down the line,

Chorus 1
When I wake up will you be by my side,
I need you there to tag along the ride,
Without you I'll wash away withe tide,
So please be there when I open my eyes wide,

Verse 2
Together we trekked valleys,
Together we climbed mountains high,
With no one there to darken our skies-
You are my one and only,
Without you how will I get by,
This world is cruel it'll swallow me alive,

I've fallen on my face,
Been nothing but a disgrace,
But here in our world I'll always make it out alright,
It's just such a shame,
Chains holdin' our fate in place,
Two worlds and you can never walk onto mine,

(Chorus 1)

(second voice singing aaaah's)
Please, please, please- please be there by my side

Chorus 2
When I wake up will you be by my side,
An angel there to always be my guide,
With you there I'll no longer need to hide,
So please be there when I open my eyes wide,

(Chorus 1)

Please be there when I open my eyes wide,
Please be there when I open my eyes... wide
Hey, that's pretty good. I like how there's a contrast in the 2nd stanzas of each verse. It gives the song a bit of tension to it.
woh, didn't even see this had a reply. thanks for the feedback. glad you liked it!
You're welcome! Smile