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Full Version: Album of the Week 2.5: Forget and Not Slow Down
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Relient K - Forget and Not Slow Down

1. "Forget and Not Slow Down"
2. "I Don't Need a Soul"
3. "Candlelight"
4. "Flare (Outro)"
5. "Part of It"
6. "(Outro)"
7. "Therapy"
8. "Over It"
9. "Sahara"
10. "Oasis (Intro)"
11. "Savannah"
12. "Baby (Outro)"
13. "If You Believe Me"
14. "This Is the End"
15. "(If You Want It)"
I never could get into this band, but I'll try this album.

Isn't this Phils' pick, btw?
It's Danjo's pick
Oh, my mistake. Sorry, Danjo.
Danjo got murdered by Debbie. RIP
Poor Danjo, nobody's listened to this Sad
I'll listen to it tomorrow evening hopefully. In memory of Danjo. RIP.
Should we do a third one, or should we wait til people come back and have time?
I don't know man, it does seem like it's kinda dying at the moment. It's a shame, so maybe giving it another go in the near future is the way forward.
Yeah, wait til our activity gets back up.