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Full Version: Happy birthday to our honorable dictator!
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It has come to my attention that our admin, Grungie, has aged another year since midnight. Let us partake in the consumption of copious amounts of fermented vegetable products, PCP and murder for his much appreciated and continuous despotism on this forum.


I got you a First Act:

[Image: ME1980_hero_image.png]
I'm grateful for the murders, it wouldn't be my birthday without bloodshed.
[Image: OIl7dpz.jpg]
Birthday! Happy!
Happy birthday O Honourable and Loving Supreme Leader. I got you the best video game ever:

[Image: 01a%5B4%5D.gif]

To celebrate, let us partake in the feast of Corpus Grungie.
pretty sure this is the best game ever

[Image: superman64_01.png]
Guys, you seriously cannot compare E.T. to Superman. The best game is, by any definition, Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis.
Oh, jeese. Look at this guy! He hasn't played TES: Morrowind, has he? /sarcasm
Guys, I'm pretty sure the best game of all time is this bad boy right here.

[Image: M.C-Kids-U-1.png]

P.s. happy birthday grungie, I got you this bad boy right here.

[Image: MC_Kids_cart.jpg]
Fuck yeah, those games rule (except Morrowind, sorry I don't play games notorious for being garbage)

Also, check out who gave me a happy birthday:
[Image: 6igZUPw.png]
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