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Full Version: Recording Software
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This thread is about discussing your favorite recording software.

Here's a list of some popular ones:

Pro Tools


Fl Studio

Logic Pro

Garage Band

Acid Pro

Reason 6



Out of all of these, Garage Band and Audacity are free. Though I'm not sure if Garage Band is free or even available for people without Macs. Reason 6 is the only version that is a recording program.

I personally use Acid Pro 7. I do sometimes use Audacity for some simple edits. So if you own any of those programs, I'm willing to try and help. Though I can help for non-program related recording tips to the best of my ability.
I use Cubase 8)
Reaper FTW (not really)

I have the expired free trial from Ableton that I can't save on but if I'm desperate I'll just record from my computer and save the audio file.

I've been meaning to buy Cubase for the past two years but it will likely still be a while.
I liked reaper better than the crappy Abelton Lite, I had, but I only messed with it for a week or two. I had intended to buy it but now I think I'll wait until I actually start recording stuff again.
I used Reaper for awhile, but then I moved back to Acid Pro
Currently using Reaper.

Hey Grunige (or whoever) how do you get it to crossfade on reaper? I thought it was like an automatic thing it let you do, but I can't seem to get it to work. I cut out a section of one track and then copied in a section from another track but I want to crossfade the splice.
I've never crossfaded before and I don't use Reaper
In all seriousness, why isn't Reaper up there?

I get that some of you may not like it, but it is one of the cheapest paid recording programs. Also, it is one of the more popular ones.
I thought it was, I guess not.

Is it even really that popular though? I've never seen it talked about much on other sites and I know UG has a raging hard-on for it.
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