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Full Version: The Covers Thread
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Grungie made me do it...

Hey guys, I did a cover of Good Riddance. Let me know what you think. And impart any advice/wisdom you have for me, because I don't know a lot about mixing and stuff, haha. I know my voice isn't the best, but its gotten a lot better and I'm actually pretty happy with it on this recording.

Also, post your covers! Go!
I forgot we can embed Soundcloud files with [soundcloud] [/soundcloud] code, so I edited your post with it, and made a sticky over this.

Anyway here's one of my covers:

I recently deleted a bunch of stuff off of my Soundcloud, but I uploaded pretty much all of my shit on Myspace:

Instrumental covers

Vocal covers
Oh hey, thanks.
No problem, I like just remembered we could do this.
So I decided to join UG's TV show theme covers album, and I decided to copy Cap'n Jazz's take on the theme to Beverly Hills 90210.

So here it is before I degrade the sound by making it lo-fi like Cap'n Jazz's version:

So like I mentioned in the Community Thread, all I did was record the exact version in the previous post onto a cassette tape, and then recorded it off of a shitty portable player, just so I could degrade the sound.
Well a friend and I did a cover of a song that's impossible to cover. And it ended up being alright.

Guitars aren't very well recorded but I kinda like this cover.
Idk if I like the vocals, but if you change up how the guitars are, you could totally make it sound like a Pop Punk song.
That was most of the original intent haha. I thought about using power chords but it sounded stupid so I kept the chords kinda close to the original.

This is a This Town Needs Guns cover. So this surprisingly didn't take me as many takes as I expected, especially with the overdubs. There's a few sloppy parts here and there, but I got to a fuck it point near the end.
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