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Full Version: Thrice
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I know wwf's a fan, so let's discuss Thrice. I downloaded most of their albums, but I've only listened to a few tracks here and there regularly. I should listen to their full albums moar.
I just started listening to The Alchemy Indexes in their entirety since I heard they're sub-par at some point. They're actually pretty great
I have them, haven't listened to them

I like this version of Of Dust and Nations

It's an interesting version compared to the album version. Also I'm surprised with Teppei's tone in their more recent releases as he uses a Telecaster and a Vox AC30, especially when they play their older material.
I liked that.
Here's the studio version of the song:

See how different they are?
I still like the studio version most I think. The tapping lead is so fun to play.

Both versions are awesome though.