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Full Version: Happy Anniversary MTB 2.0
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This is different from the birthday date, this is the one year anniversary of us moving from Forumotion to Icyboard's MyBB host. For those of you who didn't know, we were originally on a different forum software/host and I decided to make a switch due Icyboards allowing database exports, so if I ever want to do my own hosting, we don't have to lose anything. So I decided to take the risk of losing all of our posts and starting anew, and I think we've done a lot better than on the old forum. Especially when I don't own half the post count.

It's strange thinking we've been here for a whole year. This is also probably the only time I'll celebrate MTB 2.0's anniversary.
YAY! 'Cause I'm tired and I say so...
lol yay
Yay. One year ago I didn't know any of you. How time flies.
Happy belated bday MTB!
As much as old MTB has some slight nostalgic value to me for being my first forum, I like MTB 2.0 better. Especially since we have a more stable core userbase, as old MTB cycled through a few of them, and I was on the constant search for actually finding people.
I wasn't there long enough to get attached to the old place Confusedhrug: