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Full Version: Guitar Decorations
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Like Sam's thread, but different.

A few months ago a friend of mine showed me his guitar after ecstatically hyping up the new 'decorations' he had put on his guitar (a 1000+ dollar strat, mind you).

What he had done is sand out several large circles in the finish of the guitar in an attempt to be artsy.

Please tell me this isn't a common idea.
[Image: cartoonscared.jpg]
So basically he made a shitty attempt at road worn to be artsy?

Is he a hipster by any chance?
Not really. He fanboys RHCP and Jimi Hendrix. He also is fairly convinced white society is keeping him down even though he sticks his dick into a co-workers gatorade and doesn't show up to work and wonders why he can't hold a job.
Is he black or is he some rebellious white kid?
Half black

part asian and part white as well
Either way, I can't stand those kinds of people. Blaming "the man" because you're a shitty person make me hate you even more.
My friends and I keep a list of -isms and words of wisdom that he uses so we can reference them in everyday life. Gotta make sure you live life to the fullest.
It's the white man
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