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it has its own keys, it doesn't need a MIDI controler
So it does. The gif doesn't show that very well. In any case, does it have a USB cable? If not, you need one.
yea i'll get one, that's what transfers the sound?
Yes, it should transfer into your DAW. Make sure your DAW is properly connected to the synth. Looking at the KORG site (I'd have done all of this earlier but I've been incredibly busy; sorry), I'm not actually sure how to connect it to a PC...

The input and output jacks seem to connect the 3 parts to each other. The only other output jack is a headphone jack. could try finding a forum dedicated to synths and keyboards and asking them...Confusedhrug:

I just don't see where it would have a USB port.
yea, i'll look into it but in light of recent events i'm probably just gonna get one nice drum machine....within budget
Hmm, when it comes to synths and keyboards i don't like it when they 'impersonate' other instruments, except piano and strings. If you use a synth use a full synth sound imo. It can add a lot.

Anyway, i didn't really read the whole thread, i just skimped over it, so i might be completely off topic here. lol
Dude this thread is about synthetic production of stem cells for medical research and the ethics involved. How the hell could you think it's about the instrument?
Ahh, i forgot i bad your jokes are sometimes :haha:
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