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Full Version: Dream Theater
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Since we don't have a prog section i'll put this here.

So... where to start where to start... I guess i'm gonna post songs of all their styles. All the way from crazy prog - ballads - alternative/rock - epics - heavy metal - Zappa-ish stuff


More metal-ish stuff:
This Dying Soul -
As I Am -
The Glass Prison -
Panic Attack -

A Nightmare To Remember - (fits into proggy & ballads as well)
Ministry Of Lost Souls - (also fits into proggy & ballads)
On The Backs Of Angels -
In The Name Of God -

Goodnight Kiss -
Repentance -
Through Her Eyes -
The Spirit Carries On -
Another Day -
Lifting Shadows off a Dream -
Take Away My Pain -

Rock-ish stuff:
misunderstood -
Solitary Shell -
About To Crash -
Innocence Faded -

Some cool Instrumentals:
Hell's Kitchen -
The Ytsé Jam -

The Dance Of Eternity -
Erotomania -
Stream Of Consciousness -

Zappa-ish prggy stuff:
Beyond This Life - (Instrumental section is the Zappa-ish part)
Metropolis: The Miracle And The Sleeper - (same as the above)

Long ass songs:
Octavarium -
A Change Of Seasons -

And some more random groovy stuff:
6:00 (o'clock) -
Lie -
Overture 1928 -
Strange Deja-Vù -


The songs i put are some of my personal favorites, though i like almost all their stuff.

I wanted to put some effort into this thread but i didn't have a lot of time, so maybe i'll finish it later.
I bought their latest album and that's the only album I own of theirs. What did you think of it?
I love the old stuff a bit better, they have a different vibe to them

I do love the new album as well, and another one will be coming out soon, this time Mangini (new drummer) will actually be a part of the composing

Looking forward for that

But i think if you're wanting to just get into them i suggest Scenes From A Memory, Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence, and Awake
(04-09-2013, 02:24 AM)Adam Wrote: [ -> ]Scenes From A Memory, Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence, and Awake
I would also add "Train of Thought" to that list, if you like their metal side.

Btw, am I the only one who really enjoys their instrumentals? Those are amazing.
Of course, i'm an instrumental guy, and DT/LTE (Liquid Tension Experiment, for those who didn't know) have some of the best
I like their heavier stuff. Can't stand the singer most of the time though
James LaBrie's singing is like beer or eggplant, it's an obtainable taste. you don't like it first but it grows on you
it's more or less grown on me. he sounds pretty terrible in the live vids I've seen though
yeah he kinda 'squeals' and doesn't sing clearly in a lot of live vids i've seen, but his voice is pretty great at the albums imo
yeah definitely
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