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Full Version: Final Fantasy thread
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[Image: finalfantasyxiii-02.jpg]

Big FF fan here. I own all of their games (excluding 11 and 14 because MMO's don't count)

Probably my favorite is X, but I really enjoy IX, XIII and VI. The only one I really didn't like is II.
I have yet to play any games aside from the DS remake of FF3 ;n;
I really enjoyed that game. It did get a bit too grindy at times, but it is remade from a NES game.
Yeah. Once I have more time and am finished with Link's Awakening and then possibly LoZ Oracle of Ages imma try out FF6.
You can try either a SNES emulator, or a GBA emulator. Both are really easy to run on a computer. Hell my old XP computer from 2002 can run them at full speed. Just remember the SNES version is called III because 2, 3 and 5 weren't originally released, so they changed the numbers to not confuse people.

Though I bought it for the PS1 for $15. It was part of the FF Anthology where it's packaged with V. It was a better alternative than shelling out $40 at the time for the SNES copy.
Isn't FF6 a PS1 game? o.O
It's originally on the SNES, they just ported it to the PS1 with the correct number.

Aight. Then I must try it, and FF7 subsequently.
VII hasn't really aged that well. Watch the opening of the game and you'll see the cutscene thinking "damn this looks great, until the character sprites show up.

If you don't want to have a PS1 emulator working, you can download the PC version for like $10
Meh, the gameplay is really what matters the most to me.

It's the fundamentals that I look at the most Confusedhrug:
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