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Full Version: Why did you decide to pick up the bass?
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I picked up the bass when I was already satisfactory for most at guitar. I just like to try new things and right now I feel like bass is where it's at for me. Right now I'm playing pretty easy stuff with pick, QOTSA, Kyuss, other bands.

I want to get better at fingerstyle too though.
You should definitely try finger style, it gives you a whole different sound.
What if he likes the Justin Chancellor sound?
I'm not saying ONLY play fingerstyle, I mean he should learn it as well. Like me, I really want to learn how to play with a pick, because I want that option of that versatility. Does that make sense?
That makes perfect sense. It's like how i was, i picked up the bass after guitar so i could play well with a pick, but learning finger style made it a lot more interesting for me.
*cough*slap bass*cough*
It's better to have basic finger style down before you start with slapping.
Of course Tongue
Slapping, popping and other techniques are more gimmicks and not used constantly. You can still be a very good bassist without being able to slap.
Slapping is not a gimmick in any way, it's a valuable technique worth learning that can add a lot to music.

A bassist doesn't have to know slapping of course, but the more you learn the more options you have the more versatile you can be.
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