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Full Version: Why did you decide to pick up the bass?
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My mate wanted a bass player for his band, so i agreed, just root notes.
Expand your horizons to more than root notes, it will open up your mind.
Everyone knows bass players don't play melodies or chords Tongue

In all seriousness though, I think Fullmoon meant only root notes for that specific band.
Yea that is what I mean't
(03-12-2013, 11:15 PM)Fullmoon Wrote: [ -> ]Yea that is what I mean't

Oh ok, my current band also don't really expect much of me and going all wild would only disrupt the songs so I mostly play roots there as well with the occasional third and fifth for flavour.
Not entirely and it doesn't really work for our songs, I tried it.
Walking bass is boss.
Technically, I wouldn't call myself a "bass player" (yet). I'm a composer, singer, and guitar player who didn't have time to find a band. Too much to do with school, my girlfriend (now fiance), and everything else that ate time in my life. So, when I decided to record some stuff, I also decided to pick up bass. I bought a Peavey Forum bass. I'm not great at it or anything yet, but I'm almost to where I can play the bass parts I wrote.

Also, I know it's lame, but I don't have a bass amp. I either play unplugged, or I plug into my interface (which goes into my PC) and play using a bass amp sim. Yeah, it'd be cool to own a bass amp, but I can't afford it yet.
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