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Full Version: Which is your Favorite Chocolate?
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I love Galaxy, Mars, Toblerone.... yummy...

do you like chocoz??? which is your fav one?
Crunchie is pretty awesome.
Dark chocolate in general is great.

It's not very often I have non shit chocolate so I don't have a favourite brand or whatever.
I like about any type - other than salted caramel! Yuck!
I randomly eat chocolate. I prefer it in M&M's or butterfingers though. Smile
I like to have something with coffee in it that teats like coffee and choc Smile

Mints are nice but not an fan of it. I really got into nice very dark chocolate
I like dark chocolate more than milk chocolate, if it's American. The European stuff doesn't have too much sugar.
Heidi Dark Choc & Pistachio
Vego Choc (Soya milk choc I think and Hazelnuts)